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The Almost Always Lovely Liam

This site is sadly out of date but I have no time to play with it. Be forwarned.
Some of these images have two sizes - some good for printing, some for looking. Take yer pick.
They're almost all pictures I haven't seen elsewhere.

I have no right to use any of these, so if you use any of them
on other webpages, remember you didn't get them from me.


Three photos I took in Clonakilty, Ireland when Liam dedicated the statute to Michael Collins.

Photo 1     Photo 2     Photo 3


Screen Caps from Barbara Walter Special
shown on 9/12/99

Pilgrim's Progress (early film) #1     Pilgrim's Progress #2
Miami Vice     Anna Christie #1
Anna Christie #2     Anna Christie #3
Anna Christie #4     Anna Christie #5
Schindler's List     school picture (middle, top row)
boxing photo (right)     Belfast
Belfast #2     with Barbara Walters at home
In living room     In kitchen
In kitchen #2     Smile
Pointing     In living room #2


Screen Caps from Gun Shy
as shown on Entertainment Tonite

Intro Page


Vanity Fair 12/94

Cover (235k)
Cover (51k)

First page (242k)
First page (37k)
Caption: Natural Neeson. "Liam Doesn't analyze everything he feels,"
says Jodie Foster, his co-star in Nell.
"He doesn't try to kill things by putting a bunch
of language to it."

Picture 1 (94k)
Picture 1 (24k)

Picture 2 (326k)
Picture 2 (28k)

A strange one. (This is the "almost" I'm referring to.)
Picture 3 (164k)
Picture 3 (35k)
Caption: Lady Killer. "The first time Liam phoned up,
my mum, who was in her 60s, answered, recalls
his friend Richard Graham. "When she handed me the
phone she said, "Oh God, that's the first time my knees
have trembled in 45 years."


GQ 12/93

Cover (120k)

Picture 1 (208k)
Picture 1 (36k)

Picture 2 (82k)

Picture 3 (211k)
Picture 3 (25k)


With his baby

In a green sweater

Pictures from Under Suspician
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

A couple of pictures from Rob Roy
Picture 1
Picture 2


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